Woman embarrassed after landlord finds her sex toys in drawer after she moves

A woman said she was "so embarrassed" after she received a text message from her landlord with a picture of sex toys she accidentally left in a drawer when she moved out of the house.

The 22-year-old, who goes by the name Xmalgal on Twitter, said on the site: "This is probably the worst text I have ever received from my landlord."

The tweet included a screen shot of the text from her former landlord, which read: "Do you still want these?" with a laughing emoji.

The young woman did receive over 160k likes for her troubles, along with 10k retweets and hundreds of comments.

She added that she had been "looking for my babies," and said furthermore: "Yes my landlord was nice enough to give them back, thank god."

One person said in response: "Omg I'm so sorry but HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!? I would die….."

"That must have been one awkward handover," added a second person.

A third person said: "I’m glad you got them back, that’s an expensive bit of gear."

"Thought they were offering hand me downs and well reality is a better situation," added another person, who wildly misinterpreted the situation.

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This comes after a woman claimed she was "nearly killed" by a high power vibrator she had left on for hours.

The lady took to Reddit to share the horror story with others, seemingly to warn them of any other similar mishaps.

This disaster apparently struck after the woman forgot to unplug the sex toy – with it nearly "melting".

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She wrote: "I’m so stupid. I used a vibrator a few weeks back and left it in my bed forgetting to unplug it (I live alone).

"I woke up with the thing going beside me because I got super drunk last night and rolled on top of it which flicked it on.

"It’s completely melted and my whole apartment smells like burnt plastic."

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