Woman ‘flung from fairground ride like a rag doll’ set for payout one year later

A young woman left with severe injuries after being thrown off a fairground ride "like a ragdoll" has told of her relief as the operators admitted fault and agreed to a payout one year on.

Horrified witnesses said Jade Harrison, 22, was flung up to 15ft into the air and hit a teenage boy on a neighbouring ride at Hull Fair.

Jade, of north Hull, was left unable to smile and spent four days in hospital after undergoing a three-hour operation on her broken jaw to have metal plates inserted into her mouth.

She lost three teeth and has since undergone £4,000 of dental work to restore her face, HullLive reports.

The Airmaxx 360's operator Taylor’s Fun Fairs did not dispute personal injury claims from her legal team and admitted liability for the accident on October 7 last year.

Now Jade has bravely shared injury pictures of her swollen face as she opened up about the huge impact of the accident on its one-year anniversary.

She said: "It doesn’t feel like it’s been a year, it only feels like last week. I’m glad that liability has been accepted now as now I’m not worrying waiting, it's a weight lifted.

"I’m up and down emotionally.

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"On the whole I’ve worked hard to not let the accident get me down.

“I struggled to accept what had happened to me and for a long time I was always thinking ‘why me?'

"I’m having counselling to help me move on from the accident and learn coping strategies as they established that I had moderate PTSD."

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She added: "I wasn’t really accepting what had happened, I was just trying to ignore it and push it to the back of my mind which I now know is no way of coping with something.

"I do think about the accident some times, when I meet new people it’s usually something that ends up coming up in conversation.

“When situations arise I’ll find myself imagining the worst case scenario and fretting. I’m also anxious in cars and quite jumpy if there are any loud noises at all."

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Taylor’s Fun Fairs accepted they had "failed to adequately inspect the ride", and that "a failure to enforce an adequate system of inspection had left riders at risk" when admitting liability for the accident.

Jade said she is only one year in to a two year recovery for her jaw, and still can't fully eat properly. She is also still having problems with her leg and still can't feel a part of it.

Taylor's Fun Fairs has been contacted for comment.

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