Woman has ‘al fresco’ romp with stranger in busy town centre after train delayed

A woman had an illicit "al fresco" sex session with a stranger after they got chatting while waiting to catch a train home.

Kate Jackson was seen by passers-by having intercourse with 44-year-old Jonathon Pisani after she realised her train would be delayed.

On August 10 this year, Jackson was on her way to collect her dog from a property in Ashton-under-Lyne.

Initially a member of the public called police in mistaken belief Jackson was being raped by Pisani, but council CCTV operators noticed the pair kissing passionately outside a nearby nightclub.

The camera was said to have then panned back to see them lying on the pavement cuddling each other. Eventually she pulled him on top of her before they began romping as shoppers walked past.

The pair had sex in broad daylight in Stalybridge town centre at around 3.45pm.

Police in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, arrested the pair at the scene with inquiries revealing both had been drinking heavily.

Mitigating, defence lawyer, Christopher Squibbs, told the court: "On that particular day, she had fled her ex-partner's address as a result of ongoing problems. She had a dog in Ashton and was trying to get a train back. The trains were not running from Ashton so she found her way to Stalybridge and was told there was going to be a delay for a train.

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"She was waiting outside and then struck up a conversation with a male and after being offered White Storm cider, her recollection then becomes particularly hazy. She has medication for bipolar and personality disorder and taking particularly strong alcohol is likely to have led to this situation happening and it's highly embarrassing for her."

Jackson, 40, who lives alone with her Pomeranian dog pleaded guilty to outraging public decency and was fined £50 and made subject of a 12-month community order at Tameside magistrates court.

She was also ordered to pay £180 costs and surcharges.

A Contempt of Order banning details of her address being made public was imposed after Jackson claimed she was "in fear" of being found by an ex-partner.

Pisani, of Stalybridge, has also pleaded guilty to outraging public decency and will appear in court for sentence in December.

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