Woman mortified after re-watching CCTV to find herself trapping dog under chair

A woman was baffled when her dog "disappeared" in the garden while she was cleaning the furniture.

The dog lover walked around the backyard but couldn't see her pet anywhere before it turned to a comical scene when she re-watched the security camera footage.

In a hilarious clip her nephew, Ben, posted on TikTok, his aunt picks up a rattan chair and places it close to the house where another sofa set lies.

Her black pooch, who is only a few steps away from her, looks back and waits for her to come over. But little did the aunt know that the dog is waiting for her, she brings the sofa over and puts her down right on top of the canine.

Ben wrote in the overlay text: "When your auntie can't find her dog…luckily the chair was hollow and the dog was not harmed."

Soon after she appears to be looking for her dog as she checks around the chair and re-adjusts the position.

Ben said: "She heard noises in the garden but couldn't see her so she looked on the CCTV camera."

He recalled that the dog was trapped under the chair for about 10 minutes when his aunt found out she had accidentally trapped her dog under.

Ben joked if they hadn't installed the security camera, the dog "would still be under there".

The clip got so many viewers invested in it and they all asked for a "part 2" where they found the dog, but Ben said they might have over-written the tape and it's no longer saved.

One commented: "Glad it didn't get hurt or else that would not be funny."

Another chimed: "That dog was like 'the world has ended'.

"She literally looked in that direction at first, this should be a spec savers ad!" a third joked.

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