Woman receives chilling note on date from stranger telling her to run

A woman received an unsettling note from a stranger after chatting with her date – telling her to “run”.

TwitteruserHadia S, from Virginia in the US, was having coffee with a man she’d met on dating app Hinge.

At one point, he got up to go to the toilet and she was passed the note by another man sitting behind her.

It read: "Too many red flags. Run. Be safe girl."

Hadia posted the note on Twitter with the caption: "I had coffee with a guy yesterday. When he went to the bathroom, the gay guy sitting behind me passed me this note."

She told LADbible: “I picked up on the weird vibes right away, but I was very amused. I did stay after I got the note, we ended up having coffee for almost four hours.

"He wasn't dangerous at all, just had some very outlandish and slightly misogynistic thoughts.

"I felt the need to stay and debate him on almost everything, but my angel was behind me the whole time. Probably judging me."

The pair did not “see eye to eye” when it came to “the Da Baby situation”, a US rapper who made homophobic remarks during a concert earlier this month.

Although Hadia managed to spot the red flags herself, she till thanked the man who left the note.

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She went on: “There were a few other GLARING red flags that I won’t mention, but don’t worry, I would have recognised them with or without the note.

“But the note was greatly appreciated and added some laughs to my night. There won’t be a second date.”

Earlier today, another woman explained how her Tinder dinner turned into an evening from hell – after her date’s “dead” ex showed up at the restaurant.

Hannah, 20, from Lancashire, matched with a bloke online before the pandemic and they chatted over the app for weeks before meeting up for a first date at The Brasserie in Lancaster.

Hannah toldLancsLivethat he’d revealed he’d lost his late-girlfriend to cancer.

She added: “All was going well until he looks up, goes white and bolts to the loos."

Confused, Hannah looked around to see what could have caused the reaction.

She said: “I turn around and see a girl that looks eerily like the woman whose picture he had shown me.

“Turns out the dead partner was not so dead. In fact, the girl had two children with him and thought he had been working overtime to support them.”

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