Woman red-faced after accidentally wearing builder’s hoodie for a week

A woman said she spent a whole week wearing a hoodie that she thought belonged to her boyfriend, but that actually belonged to the builder working on her house.

Fern Brady, a comedian, detailed how she “realised with horror” that she’d been walking around her house in her builder’s hoodie while he toiled away at her property.

She wrote in a hilarious Twitter post: “I've been wearing my boyfriend's hoodie around the house for the last week. I tried to give it back last night.

"He said ‘That's not my hoodie.’ Realised with horror I've been wearing our builder's hoodie. In front of the builder.”

Fern, 35, said she’d even fallen asleep in the cosy jumper and had greeted the builder when she woke up – still wearing his clothes.

She added: “I had a little sleep in it at one point. Came out my room. Said good morning to the builder. Wearing his clothes.”

The woman was so embarrassed by her blunder she couldn’t bring herself to face the builder, so just threw the hoodie into the room he was working in – but he moved it back into the living room.

She wrote: “After realising my mistake after a week, I threw his hoodie into the room he's been working in. He put it in our living room. What does it mean? Am I going out with the builder now? He's pretty old.”

Fern’s tweets received hundreds of replies, and many people were inspired to share their own embarrassing stories.

One person wrote: “My husband was away with work. Came home late one night and left very early next morning having rearranged kids bath foam letters to say, ‘fancy a shag’.

“Not sure who was most mortified – me or the bathroom fitters that had been working there all week.”

While another said: “I remember being 12 and leaving my jumper at my friends. I then saw her dad wearing it and could never ask for it back.”

And a third revealed: “After years of filching my elder son's assorted sports tops, we realised recently that one that I thought was his, isn't. Nor is it mine. Whose is it and how do I come to have it? Nobody knows.”

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