Woman screams ‘I’m falling’ as she plummets 100ft from fairground ride

A woman screamed "I'm falling" as she plummeted 100ft from a fairground ride.

The 25-year-old theme park customer is believed to have suffered life-threatening injuries at the Cairns Showfest in Parramatta Park, Australia, at 5.30pm on Saturday evening.

The Hangover ride swings people through the air on pendulum arms that rotate a full 360 degrees.

Paramedics and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services quickly attended to the woman but she had already suffered "significant head and spinal injuries".

Witness Bonnie Thistle said the shocking incident has left her traumatised.

She said: "All I could hear from a distance, even over the speakers and everything, was a lady yell: 'I'm falling out'.

"As I've looked over, she's slowly coming out of her seat. She was basically sliding out like a banana."

Bonnie said she turned away for a second before looking back and seeing the woman had landed on the ground.

She added: "I rushed over to see what was going on, to see if she was okay.

"The way she landed – I was pretty traumatised. I didn't even know what to think."

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"There were just ambulances, police, everything, just rushing in. We got told to stand out of the way. It was very horrific."

Acting Inspector Brett Jenkins said the woman was in a stable condition and was being "closely monitored" in Cairns Hospital, writes the Mail Online.

Police are reportedly investigating claims the woman was not strapped in correctly, but event promoter Lance Collyer said organisers and authorities were still figuring out how the distressing incident happened.

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He said: "As organisers we are saddened by what has happened at ShowFest last night.

"We are still working with Cairns police to find out exactly what has happened."

The moment the women fell was captured on video and posted to Facebook but it has been removed out of respect for her distraught family.

A Queensland Ambulance spokeswoman said the victim was treated in hospital for "significant spinal and head injuries".

Witness Kurt Wanless added: "There was a young bloke and a girl, about 18, who looked pretty shaken up.

"They were crying. They might have been her friends or family."

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