Woman spared jail after giving monkey cocaine and trying to flush it down toilet

A woman who terrorised a helpless pet monkey has been banned from keeping animals after she flushed it down the toilet and offered it cocaine.

Vicki Holland, of Newport, South Wales, recorded herself on her mobile phone as she shouted, swore and laughed at the marmoset in several sick acts of cruelty.

The 38-year-old filmed the frightened animal as she tried to give it the Class A drug and watched it cling on for dear life as she dunked him in the toilet bowl in separate footage.

Vicki's monkey was found by Gwent Police after they carried out a warrant at an address in Newport, one week after she reportedly sold it to someone else.

Authorities have since confirmed that the marmoset is now being cared for by primate experts at Monkey World in Dorset, reports Express Online.

Sophie Daniels, RSPCA inspector and exotics officer, speaking after sentencing, said: "I was immediately and gravely concerned about the welfare of this marmoset when I saw these disturbing videos.

"Videos from the defendant’s phone showed Holland offering the marmoset cocaine, while another showed the clearly terrified marmoset down a toilet bowl.

"Holland was shouting, swearing, laughing and at one point in the clip, the toilet is flushed, showing the petrified animal struggling to cling onto the side of the bowl."

An independent vet confirmed that the marmoset had been suffering unnecessarily as a result of the way she had been treated.

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Ms Daniels said: "We’d like to thank Gwent Police for their assistance in this case, along with Monkey World who have provided a forever home for the marmoset. Thankfully, this monkey is now getting the care they deserve after such shocking mistreatment."

Holland was banned from keeping all animals for life and handed a 12-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months, at Newport Magistrates' Court on Friday.

She pleaded guilty on November 18 to three offences under the Animal Welfare Act.

The charges included failing to provide a suitable level of care to a marmoset, causing unnecessary mental suffering to a marmoset and not taking such steps as were reasonable to ensure the needs of the animal were met.

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Allowing the monkey to be terrified by a dog, offering the monkey an inappropriate substance and not feeding it properly were statements attached to the third charge.

She was ordered to pay £420 in costs and a £128 victim surcharge.

It is estimated that there are about 3,000 monkeys being kept as pets in the UK.

There are no restrictions on keeping monkeys as pets in England and Wales.

However, a bill is currently going through Parliament which if passed will introduce stringent licencing.

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