Woman tried to run boyfriend over after he ate one of her chips, say police

A bloke claims his girlfriend “deliberately” tried to him over with her car after he nicked one of her chips.

Charlotte Harrison insists that she ran into partner Matthew Finn by accident. She told police that she had been on her way to a police station in North Adelaide, Australia, when her foot slipped off the brake pedal and onto the accelerator.

But Matthew believes it was deliberate – and claims it all started over a portion of chips.

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Harrison had been enjoying a chicken and chips takeaway when Matthew – thinking that she had deliberately left a couple of fries at the bottom of the packet – helped himself to a chip.

That innocent mistake sparked a blazing row.

"I thought she was finished," Matthew told 9News, ruefully adding: “Yeah, I shouldn't have asked for that chip."

He had stepped out of the car, on Adelaide's Melbourne Street, when he realised that Charlotte’s Subaru was heading towards him.

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"She came straight at me," he said. The car lurched into oncoming traffic before coming to a halt.

"Straight into a Toyota Yaris, and yeah, the poor girl, she'd be shocked for life. That was the worst part.

"I just jumped straight over – it wasn't much of a jump – straight over into a bit of a lane there, and she just impaled the Subaru."

Questioned by police, Charlotte insisted that she had no intention of trying to harm Matthew.

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When she was in court yesterday (Monday, February 27), Matthew showed up to show his support, but left part-way through the proceedings.

The magistrate ordered a report on whether Charlotte would be a suitable candidate for home detention report, but in the meantime she will remain behind bars.

She next be in court on Friday (March 3), when she will be told whether her application for bail was successful.


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