Woman tries to give away second hand sex toy for free – but claims it isn’t hers

Giving away unwanted items is a great way to cut down on waste and prevent perfectly good clothes, toys and other household items from ending up in landfill.

But perhaps there are some things that we shouldn’t be recycling.

Members of a Facebook group that enables people in south-east London to advertise their unwanted stuff noticed something slightly suspicious in a bag of unwanted items.

Nestling among some old towels and a pair of old leggings was a somewhat intimate item that most people would think twice about re-using.

Rachel, who posted the photo and stressed that the bright pink object was absolutely not hers, said she believed it was a suction pump.

But plenty of other commenters weren’t quite so diplomatic.

Sayed Shazaib wryly commented “someone’s found a boyfriend” and so didn’t need the sex toy any more. Ashelea Searle wondered if he sister Georgierae might want to take the opportunity to scoop up the little plastic friend, given that Lockdown 2.0 was approaching.

Plenty of other people took the opportunity to have a much-needed laugh. Lauren Elizabeth Harrahan quipped “I’ve got one of those… it’s not my favourite but it’s right up there.”

The Free Stuff South London group’s information page reads: “If you don't need it anymore, but its not 'trash' please share it on here first before throwing it away…"

The group also promotes the ‘middle class fly-tipping” practice of dumping rubbish with a note saying “please take.”

“Stick it on the road and take a snap,” it says, “Maybe you will spot something nice on your travels looking abandoned, take a snap and post it, make someone’s day!”

It’s safe to say that Rachel’s snap made plenty of peoples’ days, with dozens of people commenting and sharing on the somewhat unusual item.

Would you use a second hand sex toy, if it were offered free?

Second-hand sex toys…


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