Woman who ran down grandmother and three-year-old ‘was aiming for someone else’

A woman who drove into a grandmother and the three-year-old she was looking after says she was trying to run someone else over.

On Thursday, March 18, an argument at a park in Pompano Beach, Florida turned violent and parent were already moving their children away from the situation when a car came barreling through a wire fence and into grandmother, Chaunda McCleod and her 3-year-old grandson.

Phedeline St. Felix was behind the wheel of the car. She admits that she had been planning to mow down one of the women she had been arguing with but says that she lost control of the car.

“I was attempting to run her over,” she told reporters, “but then I see someone pulled her out of the way,” she said.

Instead, St. Felix’s car hit Chaunda McCleod and her grandson, injuring both.

“I was trying to find the brakes,” St. Felix claimed. “I couldn’t find the brakes. I didn’t mean to hit them, it was an accident and I hope they are OK.”

“I was just running to my grand baby,” Chaunda said.

“Had I not picked him up," she continued, "she would have ran completely over him and he would have been under the car.

“As I’m picking him up,” she added, “she’s just hitting us both and we just went flying over the car and finally we hit the ground.”

She says that after the incident she was “very upset,” but remains philosophical. “At the end of the day, we have to move on and we have to forgive.”

However, she adds, he grandson is refusing go to the park any more.

Within minutes of the dramatic incident, St. Felix was arrested. She appeared in court over the weekend and has been bailed pending further charges.

The judge ruled that St. Felix is not allowed to have any contact with the victims.

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