Woman’s horror after finding dog ‘covered in blood’ – then finds red dye bottle

A couple were left horrified when they found their dog seemingly covered in blood after returning home.

Gemma McAdam, owner of bright-eyed spaniel Pogo, was alarmed when she returned home from a night out to see her pet with deep red liquid all over his paws and fur.

The concerned dog owner and her girlfriend feared the worst and embarked on a frantic search of their home to check what the animal had injured himself on.

And while they were searching around, neither Gemma or her partner noticed that their dog was quite happily watching them while wagging his tail.

Explaining the scenario to The Dodo, Gemma said: “We both panicked.

“We thought he had injured himself on something, so I was running round the kitchen trying to find anything sharp, while my girlfriend was trying to stop him to see what his injuries were.

“Neither of us even realized he was super happy to see us and wagging his tail.

“He’s injured himself before and he isn’t very good at hiding pain, so we definitely should have realized something was up.”

After realising that Pogo was not bleeding, they started a search instead for the true source for the dog’s fur being turned blood red.

And an investigation uncovered a pot of hair dye that had been chewed open, lying in the pet’s basket.

The pair took the pet to the vet as a precaution and saw the funny side once he was given the all clear.

Gemma said: “We both started to laugh.

“Pogo was so happy that he kept running in circles, and wasn’t at all guilty looking … until the bath came out!”

While a bath failed to remove the dark red colouring from Pogo’s white fur, the pair later discovered seawater could help wash the dye away.

Gemma explained: “I reached out to some spaniel groups I’m in, and some recommended the seawater might help, so Pogo got lots of beach visits that week.”

She added: “I think he thought he was being rewarded, instead of punished!”

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