World War 3: China and US facing ALL-OUT war – former top official warns of ‘catastrophe’

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Former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, who was prominent in America’s foreign policy during the Cold War, said the two sides are currently heading for a conflict similar to the First World War. Mr Kissinger also warned, due to the military technologies available now, any conflict would be almost impossible to control. He also criticised Donald Trump for destroying relations with China and the low level of his diplomacy with Xi Jinping.

Mr Kissinger warned President-elect Joe Biden now has a serious task to restore ties and end the possibility of a conflict between the two sides.

Speaking on Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum, he said: “Unless there is some basis for some cooperative action, the world will slide into a catastrophe comparable to World War I.

“America and China are now drifting increasingly toward confrontation, and they’re conducting their diplomacy in a confrontational way,

“The danger is that some crisis will occur that will go beyond rhetoric into actual military conflict.”

Although Mr Kissinger claimed the current President was right to emphasise China’s grip on the world economy, he insisted a new diplomatic approach is needed.

He also warned the two sides must agree to avoid any military conflict despite any an erosion in relations.

He added: “The United States and China have never faced countries of a magnitude that is roughly equal with the other.

“This is the first experience. And we must avoid its turning into conflict, and hopefully lead to some cooperative endeavours.”

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Relations between the countries have reached crisis levels due to China’s increasing dominance in the South China Sea, Huawei and controversy surrounding the coronavirus outbreak.

Mr Trump has continually blamed China for the outbreak and questioned how the virus spread from the state.

Tensions also flared over China’s alleged treatment of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang and the imposition of the Hong Kong security law.

Last week, the Communist Party disqualified officials in the state over allegations of their loyalty to the state.

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Initially, four lawmakers were to be removed before a mass resignation was announced in protest to the decision.

The US has now threatened to take action against China after violating its international commitments under the one country two systems policy.

Members of the US Senate committee on foreign relations said: “China’s unelected and unaccountable national people’s congress standing committee took another grave step toward stripping the people of Hong Kong of their sacred rights and freedoms.

“It is critical that the United States and all allies of freedom come together to recognise and condemn the undeniable and far-reaching ramifications of this authoritarian power grab, which has wiped out what little remained of Hong Kong’s democratic political system and violates China’s treaty obligations.”

Although China congratulated Mr Biden on winning the US election, it is unclear what his stance will be on the state.

During his time as Vice-President Barack Obama’s administration, Mr Biden travelled to the state several times.

The relationship was also given high priority with the President-elect at one time calling the state “an old friend”.

However, during a debate in February, Mr Biden labelled Xi as a “thug” amid the escalation in relations.

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