World War 3 threat: North Korea to counter ‘nuclear with nuclear’ against US

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In a 5,500-word report, published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ (MFA) Institute for Disarmament and Peace, North Korea blamed the US for the failure in DPRK-US dialogue. A statement was released to mark 70 years since the Korean War.

The report said: “In order to eliminate the nuclear threats from the US, the DPRK government made all possible efforts either through dialogue or in resort to the international law, but all ended in vain.

“The option left was only one, and that was to counter nuclear with nuclear.”

It went on to say how a “strong war deterrent for national defence came to stand out as an indispensable strategic option”.

Tensions between the US and North Korea were heightened after the failure of the 2018 Singapore Summit with President Donal Trump.

The report claims “nuclear threats” against North Korea became aggressive following the Summit.

It said: “The US hostile policy and nuclear threats against the DPRK became further aggressive after the DPRK-US Summit held in Singapore for establishing a new bilateral relationship and building a lasting and durable peace mechanism on the Korean peninsula.”

The report argues the US failed to respond with corresponding measures and said: “Despite the fact that we voluntarily took crucial and meaningful initiatives including the discontinuation of nuclear test and ICBM test-fire for the sake of building a mural confidence.”

The MFA report went on to condemn threats from the US and accused them of “blackmailing” the North with nuclear threats.

It continued: “It is no less than the despicable double-dealing tactics for the US to talk about a sort of dialogue while maximising its attempts to oppress the DPRK politically, economically and militarily.”

The report said the only option left was strengthening war deterrents.

Thursday marked the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War.

During a speech, South Korean President Moon Jae-in urged North Korea to help bring peace to the peninsula.

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He said: “We do not have any intention to force our system on the North.

“Our GDP is more than 50 times that of North Korea, and our trade is over 400 times that of the North.

“The two Koreas’ competition over political and economic systems already ended a long time ago.

“I hope that North Korea will also boldly embark on an endeavour to end the most sorrowful war in world history.

Earlier this month, tensions between the two states intensified after North Korea demolished a joint liaison office with the South.

The move by the North marked the end of the two year period of trying to improve relations between the countries.

The building which was destroyed was the first permanent official South Korean presence in the North since 1953.

Reports claimed the North Korean People’s Army will send combat units back to the border, where they withdrew back in 2018 during an agreement with Kim Jong-un and Mr Moon.

They will also reportedly rebuild dismantled guard posts and resume military exercise.

North Korea launched a scathing attack on their neighbour this month after it was reported two groups of defectors have been sending aid and propaganda leaflets to their former home nation from the South.

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