World War Three could be triggered if Russia invades Ukraine, warn ministers

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World War Three could be triggered if Russia invades Ukraine, warns Yuliia Laputina the minister of veteran affairs.

Laputina served as a top officer in Ukraine's equivalent of M15 and has revealed to Sky News that her country is ready to defend itself if Mosco launches an attack.

In an interview at her office in Kiev, she said the consequences of further military action by President Vladimir Putin would not be contained within Ukrainian borders.

She said: "If Russia will invade you know, you should also take care about the Balkans. What Russians are doing now in Serbia – they try to provoke a situation in the Balkans.

"But we also take into account [the beginning of] World War Two."

The minister believes the invasion could lead to a third world.

She added: "Yeah. Yeah. Because geopolitically, it looks like this is a possible scenario. So… we should pay attention to the Ukrainian issue because of the security of the continent.

"This – the spreading of war in case of Russian invasion to Ukraine – will be much wider than Ukraine."

The minister rose to the rank of major general in Ukraine's SBU Security Service and said the majority of her nation's 400,000-strong veterans – aged between 20 to around 60 years old – would be willing to fight if needed.

When Russian-backed separatists seized territory in the east and Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 young volunteers signed up to defend their country.

It comes as on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital a former sports centre, is an old public swimming pool which is now the location temporarily for a film set.

A crew is currently making a film about the war in eastern Ukraine.

Most of the actors playing the soldiers battling are real veterans.

Myroslav Hai is a producer and actor in the film, called Say Ukraine, which is due for release in 2022.

Hai volunteered to fight when the war started but was originally an acting teacher.

The actor said he and other soldier actors are prepared to fight if Russian launch a large scale attack.

He said: "We wait with our military bags every day," he said.

"We live with our military bags. My bag stays in my hall and I am ready in one second [to go] back to my brigade, to take a weapon and resist Russian aggression."

He said if the UK and other allies closed Ukraine's air space, he believed that Ukraine's armed forces could beat Russia.

"It is our ground, it is our county," he said.

"All trees fight for us. All buildings fight for us. All dogs fight for us. It is Ukraine. We will beat them."

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