‘World’s most stylish’ dog with 400k followers loves posing in suits

A dog with an impeccable fashion sense has become a social media superstar with hundreds of thousands of fans.

Bodhi, a well-groomed Shiba Inu, boasts a huge following on his Instagram account @mensweardog thanks to his incredible snaps taken by owner Yena Kim.

The 11-year-old pooch can pull of any sort of outfit – including a formal suit and tie, a floral tee and a gold chain, and even a Parisien look with a fisherman's cap.

Described as the "world's most stylish dog" by his owner, Bodhi often gets to try on luxury menswear clothing like a supermodel with his social media posts giving styling inspirations to his 401,000 fans.

In one behind-the-scenes video shared exclusively with Daily Star Online, the dog is partnered with a male model in a fashion shoot dressed in a smart three-piece suit.

Unfazed by the noise in the studio, the four-legged model remains calm and cool and poses with confidence.

Another clip shows Bodhi staying still on a stool in a light blue suit and putting on a big grin for the camera and in the third one, he is seen chilling in a black varsity jacket during a photoshoot for a shoe brand.

Yena, who used to work as a designer for Ralph Lauren in New York, told this site that she spends hours, and even days to plan for a photoshoot.

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  • She said: "It can take hours to days to ideate, curate and style a photoshoot.

    "When everything's ready, Bodhi graces me with his presence for about 15 minutes and I photograph in rapid sports mode to capture every single look and turn.

    "We've collaborated with the best menswear brands in the world and sometimes I find an amazing piece and feel compelled to style Bodhi in it because I know he makes everything look hundred times better."

    The full-time boss behind Menswear Dog said it all started on a rainy day when she saw her pet resting in bed "handsome as ever".

    "On a whim, I decided to dress him up in some finely layered menswear that my partner at the time had laying around," Yena explained.

    "I fully expected him to flash me a side eye of disapproval and run away but to my shock and delight, Bodhi sat there smiling with this dashing expression on his face and a gleam in his eye.

    "This is the moment that I realised that Bodhi was definitely my kind of weird."

    Through the experience, Yena has helped Bodhi to build a positive connection to photoshoots and she revealed that there is one tip that can help dog owners to capture an Insta-worthy picture.

    She said: "This is an insider tip – scoop some peanut butter on a spoon and move it around to get a dog to look in the direction that you want to capture!"

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