WWE star Lacey Evans appears to quit company and hints at racy content future

A controversial WWE star has seemingly left the company and hinted that a more racy content-filled future could be on the cards.

Lacey Evans, whose real first name is Macey, has had a stop-start WWE career, with several different gimmicks since her debut in 2016.

She was even involved in a random storyline where she claimed she was pregnant with the baby of 74-year-old Ric Flair, before disappearing off screen to go an have an actual child in 2021 to her real husband Alfonso Estralla-Kadlec.

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And since her return in 2022, she has gone from being a popular character by leaning on her real life United States Army service as a gimmick, to turning into a bad guy a few weeks later with a strange persona paying homage to WWE legend Sgt Slaughter.

Fans never responded well to either gimmick, and she continued to float around the roster, without making much of an on-screen impact ever since.

And outside the ring, she caused controversy by claiming that mental health issues could be “fixed” by following advice such as “making more money,” “mind your f***ing business” and “put purpose over pleasure.”

She also shared a clip claiming that ADD and Autism “didn't exist before”.

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Having been largely quiet for the last month, she now appears to have left the company, having removed WWE from all of her social media and changing her account names to Limitless Macey, with Macey Estralla has her name.

In her newest post, she shared a photo of her wearing denim hot pants and a Lacey Evans jacket, with the comment: “When the clock strikes 12, you will address me as Macey Estrella from here on out.

“Oh, and this jacket is up for grabs.

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“Be on the lookout.”

But it was the emojis she used that sparked interest, hinting that she could be open to an OnlyFans career.

She used the Devil, eyes and sweat emoji, which prompted one person on Twitter to state: “Drop the OnlyFans link sis, s**t about to blow.”

She responded with another devil face and more eyes emojis, along with an GIF asking “how many days left?”.

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She also liked a tweet claiming that WWE “didn't deserve her anyway”.

The comments were made just before midnight on Tuesday (August 15), with her contract believed to have expired today, according to her teasing post.

WWE has not commented on the release, but normally never does when a talent's contract runs out.

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