Yorkshire terrier turns into ball of excitement every time ‘dad’ arrives home

A dog owner has shared the hilarious way her pooch “drops her” for her husband every time he returns home from work.

In the video, shared by TikTok user @missybot, an adorable Yorkshire terrier can be seen wiggling from top to bottom in sheer excitement as her “dad” arrives home.

She reaches up to him when he approaches as if to ask to be lifted up – to which he duly obliges.

The pooch then starts licking him all over as the pair hug it out.

Throughout the video, the caption: “’I don’t want a dog’ – my husband” is emblazoned across the screen.

And in the post accompanying the clip, the TikToker wrote: “The dog drops me like chopped liver when he gets home.”

It quickly went viral and has been seen more than 900,000 times since being posted earlier this year.

Viewers found the clip truly adorable, with one writing: “You’ve gotta love anyone who’s that happy to see you.”

Another commented: “That dog is so excited he can hardly stand it, he loves his daddy!”

“There’s nothing like that unconditional love,” a third gushed. “Always happy to see you… can’t say that for humans.”

And someone else added: “OMG, that is the cutest thing. That puppy knew that’s what he needed.”

It comes after another terrier’s elaborate morning routine left viewers in stitches.

Chelsea was filmed doing his “nine-to-five grind”, which even involved sitting in front of the computer, in a hilarious video shared to Tiktok.

Meanwhile, a loyal dog managed to find its way home more than a year after being stolen – with his delighted owners saying the clever German shepherd even knocked on the front door.

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