You will be a scorch mark on the ground Expert reveals chilling nuclear warning

Stark warning issued over nuclear threat in Ukraine

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Mr Korshunov used the WWII Hiroshima nuclear bomb to describe what the aftermath of the use of such weapons would be. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been using threats of deploying nuclear weapons against the West. The Ukrainian Nuclear expert claimed that there would be no remanence of a person left. Mr Korshunov said the only thing that will be left of a person in close range to a nuclear bomb would be a shadow on the ground.

Mr Korshunov told the “Yes it will be like Hiroshima when after, you will only have a dark shadow on the concrete.”

Many global political commentators have been speculating on whether Russian President Vladimir Putin may use chemical or nuclear weapons on Ukraine or the West.

Putin has been threatening Western nations with the possibility of a nuclear assault since before the invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian dictator also vowed to attack any country that decides to involve itself in the ongoing invasion.

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US Florida Republican Representative Michael Waltz pushed for NATO to get involved in the ongoing Russian onslaught.

Speaking on the possibility of chemical warfare, Mr Waltz said: “President [Joe] Biden should have been setting red lines from the beginning with the use of weapons of mass destruction.

“I believe that red line…that would be the line for NATO to become directly involved.

“We cannot allow chemical weapons, or God forbid, tactical nuclear weapons, to be the next rung in the escalation ladder that we allow Putin to go.”

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Russian propagandists have been discussing attacking Western nations with nuclear weapons on television.

Presenter Vladimir Solovyov said on Russia 1: “Everything is moving in that direction. I hope we will live through this.

“If everything keeps progressing the way it is, only a couple of mutants in Lake Baikal will survive. 

“The rest will be destroyed in a massive nuclear strike.”

Mr Solovyov added: “Because if NATO decides they can place whatever they want on our borders, they’ll be sending more and more of American weapons to Ukraine, Ukraine will fire and end up hitting one of our nuclear power plants, and here we go.”

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Putin has been running practice test nuclear runs, in order to flex his muscles at the West and warn off countries from helping Ukraine even more than they are.

Nicholas Drummond a defence industry analyst discussed Britain’s involvement in Ukraine, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been continuing to send weapons, funds and aid.

Mr Drummond also spoke of how the UK is now essentially embroiled in the Ukraine war.

He continued on Twitter: “As we ramp up efforts to help Ukraine, we have been drawn into a proxy war, which may inevitably become a more direct confrontation.

“While we’re trying to avoid World War 3, we seem to be powerless to plan or implement an end game that achieves a successful resolution.”

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