Young photo of Kim Jong-un before signature bowl cut and nuke obsession

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A new image has emerged showing North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un as a young boy – and he looks very different to the modern tyrant.

Jong-un has been in power as Supreme Leader in North Korea since in December 2011, having taken over from his father Kim Jong-il.

He officially took over his father's old post as General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea on 8 October 1997.

Today, he appears as a rather filled-out 38-year-old, but in the new North Korean state TV film Closest to the Sun, he is shown as a youngster alongside his father and sister Yo-jong.

He is also pictured alongside Hyon Chol-hae, in the documentary about the life of Chol-hae who was Kim's mentor.

Hyon Chol-hae served as a bodyguard for Kim Il-Sung during the Korean warn, and was director of the General Logistics Department for the Korean People's Army from 1986 to 1995.

In 2016, having held several roles in the army, he was promoted to the rank of Marshal – becoming only the fifth person in history to hold the role.

However, last month, he died aged 87 from organ failure related to Coronavirus.

He was given a state funeral, which saw his casket being carried by Kim Jong-un, who also placed dirt on his grave at the Patriotic Martyrs' Cemetery.

A 184-member strong committee organised the funeral.

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The documentary about his life heavily features a young Jong-il, and it has provided an insight into the upbringing of the now-leader of the isolated nation.

One of the earliest photos, alongside Chol-hae, he is seen wearing a smart shirt, pants and posh watch – the exact age of him at the time is unknown.

He also appears to not have the classic bowl-cut haircut he is now famous for.

The images offer a rare glimpse into his life, of which very little is known, however it hasn't stopped him from making headline grabbing decision in recent years.

Last month he banned citizens from wearing tight trousers — because he fears the garments are “indecent”.

He issued the fashion decree after increasing numbers of young people were spotted wearing skinny jeans.

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But the newfound popularity for skin-tight trousers, which appears to have finally caught on several years after the height of the 'hipster' trend in the West, has drawn the ire of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League.

The state-run youth organisation has reportedly began filming women in their 20s and 30s who wear the offending item before taking them to task.

After being caught in the act, the ladies are hauled into local branches of the SPYL for a Stalinesque self-criticism session, where they are made to write out letters promising not to wear them ever again.

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Once released, the footage of them in the trousers is held on to by League members and used as instructional material.

In one video, the women were even described as having “indecent clothes” and “impure ideology”.

Other forbidden looks include dyed hair, mullets, shirts featuring Western brands and facial piercings.

He has also placed a ban on leather jackets, despite being seen wearing the eye-catching item himself on the 10th anniversary of his rise to power.

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