Rejoiner hits out at not being able to get tablecloth from Germany

A woman has said that one of the worst things about Brexit is that she has not been able to order a tablecloth from Germany.

The disgruntled Rejoiner was interviewed by Ben Leo, a programme editor on Dan Wootton Tonight on GBNews, at the ‘Rejoin the EU’ march that took place in London on Saturday.

Ben took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share the interaction.

He said: “Another tale from the ‘Rejoin the EU’ march on Saturday.

“This sweet lady said she couldn’t get a tablecloth delivered from Germany because of Brexit.”

The video shows the conversation between the pair with Ben asking: “What do you miss about the EU?”

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The lady, who was wearing a blue beret, blue clothing and carrying a ‘Devon for Europe’ banner said: “I miss things like being able to order from abroad, to go abroad freely.”

Ben pressed her saying: “When you say order from abroad what do you mean?”

And the lady replied: “I tried to order a tablecloth from Germany and it can’t come to us unfortunately.

“The customs and all the red tape since Brexit.”

Ben then questioned her further saying: “You couldn’t buy a tablecloth because of Brexit?”

And the lady replied: “I could buy it.

“I could give the money but I couldn’t have it sent to Britain.

“Because of all the customs and the tolls.”

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The tweet had a mixed response – some agreeing that ordering from the EU was now a tricky business and others laughing at the lady’s plight.

One said: “To be honest, hearing this tablecloth story made me rethink Brexit entirely.

“We need to rejoin immediately… …said nobody, ever.”

Another said: “It’s an empty life with nothing to complain about.

“To be fair to her… You know you’ve cracked it in life when you go on a march because you can’t get… a tablecloth.”

One user said: “What she says is partially true, there is more red tape when it comes to buying certain things directly from EU member states.”

Thousands of die hard Remainer activists joined the lady who marched across London to show their support of the UK once again becoming part of the EU.

One woman, who was wearing a yellow curly wig and a shirt emblazoned with the EU flag, suggested that the economies of other EU member states have “recovered a lot better than we have”.

The interviewer pointed out: “Germany is in recession though, and we are not, so how is that true?”

The activist struggled to refute this point, simply saying: “Um, I’m not an economist.”

In the latest Office for National Statistics figures, the UK economy shrank by 0.5 percent.

However, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt said the latest economic figures showed “many reasons to be confident about the future” and that the UK economy was now on course to grow faster than Germany, France and Italy.

Germany – the largest economy of the EU – fell into a recession in the first quarter of the year as GDP growth was revised from zero to -0.3 percent.

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