Black Bear Orchards in Palisde claims to have worlds heaviest peach

Palisade has long been known for producing some of the tastiest peaches in the country, but now appears to also grow the largest — with one orchard claiming to have produced the world’s heaviest peach.

Black Bear Orchards in Palisade is claiming the unofficial title for the heaviest peach after weighing a monster 2.03-pound peach on Monday, orchard owner Brian Cox said. That would shatter the previous record of 1.8 pounds set in 2018 by a Georgia-grown peach.

“Yesterday (Monday) at 1:30 p.m. we cut the peach off the tree and put it on the scale and it weighed out at 2.03 pounds. So, we’re stoked,” Cox said. “I think it’s really good for Palisade and the peach industry and for everyone involved in the industry as a whole. I think it’s really good for the community.”

The idea to go for the world’s heaviest peach came around harvest time last year. Cox said his girlfriend, Kaelin Laubscher, noticed they had produced some impressively large peaches. They started weighing some for fun and found one at 1.98 pounds, which would have set the record. There was just one problem — they’d already eaten it when they learned about the record.

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