Giggling Google Maps fans spot UK hill that appears to be shape of giant penis

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    Internet sleuths have been left in stitches after spotting a hill shaped like a penis.

    Aerial images taken of the region on Google Maps show a circular bit of land with a long, thin section protruding from it, while a ridge gives the appearance of a head.

    There's even a thin path shooting out of the top of the "appendage" – we'll leave you to guess what that's supposed to look like.

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    The lewd geographical feature, on the edge of Marsden Moor in West Yorkshire, was posted to Facebook after one eagle-eyed user noticed the bizarre mound's unfortunate appearance.

    The post was captioned: "I'll just leave this here," and amassed more than 150 likes and comments in just 24 hours.

    One fellow user commented: "Well. That gives a new meaning to 'rock hard', doesn't it?"

    "Neither a grower nor a shower," another added.

    A third asked: "Is this a peninsula?" to which another quipped: "No, it's a penis-ula."

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    Even the National Trust commented on the phallic phenomenon, saying it "gave them a giggle" but added that perhaps all was not as it seemed.

    A spokesperson for the organisation said: "Whilst this has certainly given us a giggle, it looks like it's actually just a trick of the light from when the two photos were captured.

    "In 2019, the photo shows the landscape in full sun and at a slightly different angle, whilst in the newer image, there's more shade and a slope captured, creating what looks like a rather unusual new feature in the landscape.

    "Marsden Moor is a very special place, and it's always good to thank nature for helping people find a way to see it in a new light!"

    The bizarrely-shaped bank lies just several hundred metres from a country lane dotted with large houses and can be seen both from Google Maps and Google Earth.

    It forms part of the Pennines, a mountain range running from the North Midlands to northeast England, which has earned the nickname "the backbone of England".

    Most of the range is protected by national parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AOBNs). The Pennines run through the Peak District National Park, Northumberland National Park and the Yorkshire Dales National Park among other well-known beauty spots.

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