Horror truth about vinegar served at fish and chip shops disclosed by YouTuber

Your local chippy might be pulling a fast one on you about the vinegar they use on chips, according to a top YouTuber

Tom Scott, also known as the bloke who knows literally everything about absolutely everything, has spilled the beans revealing that instead of traditional vinegar, chip shops often use something called a non-brewed condiment. This substitute is made from water, acetic acid, and flavourings, according to various websites, and in his newly-resurfaced 2019 video "The Fake Vinegar in British Fish and Chip Shopsm" Tom reckons it's not right for chip shops to pass off this substitute as the real thing.

He stated: "Most people don't know that this isn't vinegar. Legally, it can't be described as vinegar. Trading standards are really clear on that. It cannot be put in the little bottles that people traditionally associate with vinegar."

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These two products look the same and taste almost identical, so you probably wouldn't notice the difference, says WalesOnline. The news outlet also mentioned that chip shop owners often choose the cheaper alternative over "real" vinegar.

You can grab this from online shops like Amazon, where it's currently going for less than a tenner. This non-brewed condiment is quicker to whip up than the real stuff and you can buy it in a concentrated form. The revelation has left some folks quite shocked.

One person exclaimed in the video's comments: "Does it matter"? Yes, it does. My whole life I have wondered why I could never replicate the taste of chip shop vinegar at home. Now I know the truth."

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Another added: "I always wondered why I couldn't get the same vinegar taste on my chips at home. Now I know and all this has done is pushed me into finding somewhere that sells 'non brewed condiment.'

And a third comment: "Always wondered why I could never find vinegar that tasted like chip shop vinegar and now I know, it's because it isn't vinegar I'm after. Thank you dude!"

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