Kim Jong-Un unveils biggest statues in the world of his dad and grandfather

Kim Jong-Un has commissioned statues of North Korea’s former Supreme Leaders Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung. Kim showed off the giant statues at a meeting of the Workers‘ Party of Korea, the country’s only ruling party.

Kim took over from his father Kim Jong Il in 2011 and has continued the cult of personality and nuclear ambitions established under the former leader’s rule.

Jong Il was the son of North Korea’s founder Kim Il Sung

The pair are often portrayed together in state-produced propaganda artwork.

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The ruling North Korean family are eager to stress the continuity of the Kim dynasty with each generation portrayed as the natural successor.

Visitors to the secretive and closed-off are often treated to a visit to the Mansu Hill Grand Monument.

In April 1972, Kim Jong Il had the monument constructed to mark Kim Il Sung’s 60th birthday.

Initially, the giant monument featured the “Great Leader” overlooking Pyongyang alone.

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Later a statue of Kim Jong Il was added after his death.

The statue was initially Kim Jong Il wearing a long coat though this was changed to a parka which the dictator was often seen wearing.

According to South Korean reports, the high cost of the monument’s construction was raised through forced donations by North Korean workers who were working overseas.

Kim Jong-Un has continued the legacy of his predecessors, threatening the rest of the world with nuclear weapons and refusing to democratise the famine-stricken country.

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