Lucky lotto player scoops £468k by mistake after being sold ticket to wrong game

A lucky lottery player has managed to scoop up nearly £500k after they were sold an incorrect lottery ticket.

An apologetic cashier ended up giving the unnamed winner a Multi-Match ticket when they had instead requested a Cash4Life ticket. It did not seem to bother the person who bagged $580,000 (£468,144), as he praised the "apologetic" salesperson.

Lottery officials are yet to name the winning recipient who purchased the ticket in Maryland, United States.

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Official statements from the unnamed lottery winner and his wife were released, but no name was added to the lucky individual who was described as having deserved the win.

A Maryland Lottery statement read: "On the way home from work that night, I stopped by the retailer and scanned it. I took a picture of the message to prove it was true. This is the biggest prize of my life. I will sleep very well tonight."

He further claimed an "apologetic" salesperson had sold them the wrong ticket, but not wanting to kick up a fuss with the recently hired staff member, took the ticket. The lotto winner added: "I was like, 'Oh, a new guy.' He was so apologetic."

His healthcare worker wife added: "If anyone deserves it, it is him. He is a hard-working man, a good husband, and a good father."

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The couple has since revealed their intentions for the winning draw, with bills and healthcare centre options on the cards for the pair. A university loan for one of their children will be paid off, as well as some bills.

The rest of the money, they say, will be used to open a business for geriatric patients.

Maryland Lottery officials said: "For its role in the lucky sale, Campus Way Exxon located at 10350 Campus Way South in Prince George's County will receive a USD 1,000 [GBP 808] bonus from the Lottery. This is the sixth Multi-Match jackpot-winning ticket sold in 2023."

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