Sick nurse Lucy Letby unlikely to be freed for parents funerals when they die

Evil baby-killing nurse Lucy Letby more than likely will not be allowed to attend the funeral of her parents when they die, an expert has claimed.

Letby, 33, is currently serving life imprisonment for the murder of seven babies and attempted murder of six others.

It was noted throughout her trial, after her arrest in 2018, that her parents Susan, 63, and 77-year-old John maintained that their daughter was innocent.

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Evidence showed this was not the case, and she is now spending her life behind bars, with no chance of parole.

But for many of Britain's most evil killers, a family funeral is normally a reason for day release being granted.

However, due to the potential security risks of releasing an infamous killer such as Letby presents, it is being claimed that the death of her parents would not given viable cause to let her experience freedom for one day from HMP Low Newton

Chartered security professional James Bore, the director of family consultancy Bores, said: “Any day release for parents' funerals, or anything else, would be based on a risk assessment.

“I find it extremely unlikely that any sort of temporary release would be granted – for her own safety as much as anything else.

“Currently, she's being segregated within Low Newton, again to prevent her from being attacked.”

  • Lucy Letby's house sold and cats left homeless as parents flee 250 miles

It was reported recently that Letby's parents are moving 250 minutes from their former home to be closed to the prison where their daughter is being held.

There is nothing to suggest that Letby's parents are at death's door, however, but given her current circumstances and other investigations into other potential deaths she may have caused, many have begun to wonder in what circumstances she might or might not be released, even for a short period of time.

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