Sky Mobile fury as pre-ordered iPhone 15s may be more than one month late

Sky Mobile customers have taken to social media in droves to vent their anger at not getting their hands on the new iPhone 15 phone on release day – despite being promised it by the company.

And they are now set for a very, very long wait to get their hands on it.

Millions of Apple-lovers flocked to the stores of various mobile companies, and Apple itself, yesterday and today to get hold of the new phone and its variations.

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However, it seems as if Sky Mobile has issues getting the devices to its customers. One customer wrote on social media: “So who else ordered iPhone 15 Pro Max with Sky Mobile last Friday and not heard anything from them since a confirmation email?”

And a second raged: “Pre-ordered an iPhone 15 Pro Max within 20 minutes of them going on pre-order a week ago. Order was confirmed with a delivery date of today, but sadly @SkyUK are c**p and not only is it not coming today, but they also have given me no actual clue of when it WILL come. “

A third commented: “Sky Mobile iPhone 15 pre-order is a bunch of lies to get you to pre order the phone, give you a date then say they will send it a week later, terrible customer service."

However, the Daily Star can now reveal that customers could have to wait until at least October 26 to get hold of it – more than one month after the official release date.

One customer, who questioned Sky about it, was told via Direct Message on X/Twitter by a representative from @SkyHelpTeam: “It's currently showing on the system as having a delivery estimate of the 26th of October which I can appreciate won't be the best of news when you're looking forward to getting your new phone up and running."

"We have our teams looking into the deliveries and stock to get these out to customers as quickly as possible so please watch for an SMS/email with an order update coming soon."

The customer placed the order for the phone two weeks ago, and that a banner on Sky's website claiming it would be delivered "on release day" was part of the reason why they made the order.

A Sky spokesperson told the Daily Star: "There was huge demand for the iPhone15 last week and we’re sorry that meant some orders have been delayed. We’ve contacted all affected customers to apologise and are working with Apple to deliver devices as soon as possible."

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