Woman who raised £800k selling nudes for Ukraine backs legalising racy content

A Belarussian woman who raised more than £800,000 for Ukraine's war effort by selling “nudes” has backed a new possible law decriminalising porn in the country.

Nastassia Nasko, 25, launched TerOnlyFans – short for Territorial Defence OnlyFans – earlier this year.

Before sending nudes, she makes sure the person paying for them has sent a donation to a Ukrainian charity.

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Earlier this month, the Ukrainian Holos political party was behind a new bill looking to decriminalise pornographic content in the country.

The current law used dates back to the Soviet Union, which outright bans all forms of producing or distributing porn.

But a new law would look to allow producing and distributing porn as long as everyone involved consents to it, while also looking to ban extreme porn and the same of all porn to minors.

And Nastassia is fully behind the idea.

She said: “Unlike the Russian Duma, where there are a lot of old, conservative and traditional people, there are a lot of progressive young politicians in the Rada now, and every election round there are more of them.

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“Most people think Ukraine is some poor, dark, dirty post-Soviet country, but actually Ukrainian society has developed a lot since independence and become really progressive in the last 15 years. “People want to be part of Europe, and they want to think like Europeans.”

Her TerOnlyFans started when she tried to find someone in Ukraine a car.

Despite her tweet going viral at the time, nobody helped – so she jokingly offered to send nudes to anyone who helped.

It worked, and it sparked the idea for a fundraising initiative.

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“When the full-scale invasion started, we were in Warsaw and it was difficult for us to accept the fact that we were not in Ukraine and could not help or volunteer, and we did not have a lot of money to send to the Ukrainian defenders,” she explained.

“As a joke, I said I would send the person who helped me get the car a nude photograph if you help us find a car – five minutes later a car was found.

“It was important for us to launch TerOnlyFans on 8 March because we wanted to highlight that the project aims to promote a woman’s right to independently decide to do whatever they want with their bodies.”

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