Worlds hottest scientist cuts open 18ft python and finds deadly creature

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    A woman hailed as the “world’s hottest scientist” has recalled the horrifying discovery she made inside a monster python.

    Geoscientist Rosie Moore has racked up a huge following on Instagram, thanks to her brave encounters with some of the world's most feared creatures.

    But one particular beast stands out for her.

    Farm workers spraying weedkiller had caught an 18ft Burmese Python in the Florida Everglades and beheaded it with a machete before sending it over the laboratory.

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    Speaking on the Juggernaut podcast, she said the workers suspected there might have been a person inside the 18ft python’s distended belly.

    “They sent my lab a picture and they said ‘got this python, we already euthanised it …it’s got a massive stomach bulge,’" she recalled.

    “This is right after like a python in, I think, India went viral for eating a woman , so I think they thought it was a human or something so they were sending it to us so they they wanted a lab to dissect it”.

    At first, the scientists guessed that the snake had probably swallowed a large mammal, like a deer, “until it got to the lab and as soon as we looked at it we said ‘it's a gator’. You could see like the bulges of the legs on the outside”.

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    The massive snake was too big for any of the team’s operating tables, so they spread bin-bags out on the floor of a large shed in order to perform the necropsy.

    Rosie was in charge of the team’s social media accounts at the time, so she filmed the entire procedure.

    She explained: “We're like pulling it out and it was the grossest thing ever … all the insides coming out. But the alligator was completely intact.”

    Rosie said she and her colleagues were “nerding out” at the discovery.

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    The alligator’s bony armour plating had held up against the snake’s digestive juices and kept it in one piece.

    “It it was probably [there] for at least a week or two because the soft tissues had already decomposed – but the bony plates were still intact so it had been in there enough time to have some decomposure,” she continued.

    She said that alligators can hold their breath for “hours” and so it probably hadn’t been suffocated, but the python had squeezed it so hard all the blood vessels in its brain would have burst.

    At the time, Rosie couldn’t put the video online as “a lot of research labs are very strict”.

    “You can't post any animal that’s euthanised… you don’t want the public backlash,” she added.

    But the event, once quite rare, is happening more and more, Rosie warned.

    Pythons are spreading more into the southern US states and it’s also being reported more as smartphones and social media make it easy to share extraordinary videos.

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