Man who rammed passerby with mobility scooter refuses to say sorry

A furious old man who rammed a passerby with his mobility scooter for 'nabbing the last pasty' has refused to say sorry.

The OAP was livid after the customer allegedly bought the last steak pasty from the bakery in Bideford, Devon, and footage of the clash went viral. The pensioner, who lives near the pasty shop, wouldn't explain why he drove into the man, simply replying: "oh, did I?"

He seemed to be wearing the same clothes as when the scooter hit the person, and the scooter was initially taken by the police. However, the OAP wouldn't confirm if it was an accident or apologise to the man who was hit.

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The video was filmed by witness Oak Leigh, who described the pensioner as "taking it out" on people outside Country Cottage Bakery during the slow-motion rampage, The Mirror reported.

She said: "They were arguing because he had the last pasty from the bakery and then bumped into him. He was taking it out on a few people there. The Daily Star previously reported the man on the mobility scooter is seen holding his walking stick and driving with one hand.

Another person shouts: "I said do you want help." The man responds, but it's hard to hear what he says. He then seems to drive his scooter into another man, knocking him over a sign.

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Devon and Cornwall Police had already figured out who the man was before they took his mobility scooter. Bideford Police shared on Facebook: "Residents of Bideford may have seen this slightly unusual sight today! And while we are an equal opportunity employer, no, we currently don't have any plans to launch mobility scooter patrols."

"We attended an incident early today, which is related to a video currently circulating on social media. This led to us seizing a mobility scooter which one of our officers then had to ride back to the station! We have identified the owner but all other parties had already left prior to our arrival. We don't currently have any victims that have come forward to us."

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